The Saskia Laroo Band

Introducing The Saskia Laroo Band: Groovy JazzFunk 

Step into the world of musical fusion with The Saskia Laroo Band, where boundaries between genres blur and creativity knows no limits. This dynamic ensemble, led by the renowned jazz artist Saskia Laroo, boasts a multi-national lineup that breathes life into her original compositions. 

Their sound is a captivating blend of jazz, pop, world, and dance music, driven by infectious rhythms, commanding rap vocals, and electrifying solos. It's an improvisational journey that seamlessly merges contemporary electric and acoustic groove music while paying homage to tradition. 

The Saskia Laroo Band's repertoire is a treasure trove of Saskia's original material from her albums, fresh unrecorded works, and carefully curated compositions from other artists. With a lineup ranging from 5 to 8 talented musicians, each performance is a unique experience. 

Saskia Laroo's music isn't confined to a single genre; it's a musical odyssey that effortlessly weaves together elements of jazz, hip-hop, dance, and world music. It's a testament to the idea that these diverse styles have always had a place together in the world of music. 

Experience the magic of The Saskia Laroo Band as they redefine musical boundaries and take you on a Groovy JazzFunk adventure.

original jazz, dance, pop and world music blends