Restore export value of Dutch Popular Music
January 18, 2023

The Export Value of Dutch Popular Music for 2022 has increased by 231% compared to 2021. The increase was caused by the reopening of the international market after the Corona pandemic. In 2021, there was still a decline compared to 2020, when the market collapsed. The total value of music exports amounted to more than 171 million in 2022. Compared to the very first measurement in 2004, this is substantially more, as the amount amounted to 31.6 million at the time. At the same time, it is still far behind the peak year of 2018, when the total value was more than 216 million.

Research Perfect & More

This has emerged from research by Perfect & More commissioned by Buma Cultuur. The annual survey focuses on the most important forms of exploitation of Dutch popular music on the foreign market: rights (copyrights and neighboring rights), recordings and performances. A total of 1,318 artists were surveyed in 2022. Of these, 818 Dutch artists were in some way active outside the Netherlands. A total of 9784 foreign performances were registered in the past year.

Large share of Dutch dance music

The Dutch dance industry has had a major impact on the figures since 2009. In 2009 the share was 33%, in 2019 it was almost 72%. In 2022 there will be a significant increase in Dance Performances compared to 2021. The value in euros was more than € 108 million in 2022, while in 2019 this was almost € 154 million. Dance music from the Netherlands remains a large share of the total. In 2022 this was 87%.

Director of Buma Culture Frank Helmink is realistic about the new figures: “It is a good recovery, but we are not there yet. Of course, a growth of more than 230 percent is wonderful, but the industry was also very deep. We are now at the level of about ten years ago, so there is still a lot of catching up to do. That will probably happen, but you should not close your eyes to the tensions in the world that also have repercussions.” Helmink also indicates that the Corona pandemic has had an impact in other ways: “The music world and music use have both changed enormously in recent corona years. Much more local product is listened to, just look in the Netherlands. That makes exporting music a bit more difficult. On the other hand, many producers and composers from the Netherlands are more popular than ever and more and more international hits are co-written by the Dutch.”

Most appearances

The list of people who have given the most performances outside the Netherlands is traditionally led by the artists in electronic music. Martin Garrix appeared 104 times on a foreign stage in 2022, while Tiësto gave 102 performances across the border. Joris Voorn made a big jump from 32 to 3 because of the 90 performances he played abroad. The brothers Lucas & Arthur Jussen are the first non-dance related artists in the list. They make their entrance in tenth place and have given 75 performances abroad in the past year. Shortly after them, Herman van Veen can be found with 73 performances, while the counter for André Rieu and his orchestra remained at 72 concerts. Saskia Laroo, with 68 appearances, is the first woman in the list at 14th place.

Translated by Google. Original in Dutch